Humayun Ahmed Readers in Abroad

Are you a Bangladeshi living abroad? Do you love Humayun Ahmed books? Cool! So how do you buy your Humayun Ahmed books? Personally I buy them online. Online bookselling stores have become the most reliable bridge to keeping up with the books we love.

My favorite online bookstore is Rokomari – just saying. I know you’ve probably never been there before. Well that’s no big deal. After reading this, you could be tempted to visit it especially if you love the Humayun Ahmed books or the Zafar Iqbal books.

Buying these books online is never easy for many people living abroad. Use the following book buying tips.

Go For Online Bookstores that Offer Discounts

There are quite a number of online bookselling stores that will offer books for less. Online sites such as Amazon and eBay, are a few that do so. However for the best Bangla books such as Zafar Iqbal, Humayun Ahmed, and the other writers’ book Rokomari still takes the trophy home.

Compare the Pricing for Your Type of Books

Humayun Ahmed Books are translated in very many languages including English and French. This makes it easy for international buyers to access such great ideas. You need to compare all the prices and find out which type favors your budget and why? Great online stores will have price tags on every type of book they sell. Look up at Rokomari to find out an easy example.

Coupon Sites for Bangla Online Book Stores

Rokomari offers great discount coupons code at the checkout stage. You can easily use this to further reduce on the price of the book you need. You can always contact them to find out what coupon sites to look through in case you need price reduction on specific publications. I have used them before on Zafar Iqbal and many more.

How about a Book Store with Digital Library

I know millions of books are now readily available for free on digital formats or on subscription based terms. For many online stores abroad you won’t easily find such options for your Humayun Ahmed Books. This means you’d still spend much more. Looking through online bookstores that offer digital library for less is awesome. As a matter of fact, Rokomari also offers a (Look Inside) option for its readers.

Look for the Most Recent Textbooks To Use

One reason I love Rokomari is their variety collection, no wonder they are the leading online bookstore in Bangladesh. Variety of collection means having the most recent publications in store. Often most recent publications are simplified and will definitely cost more than their antique counterparts.

I know how costly buying a book online can be especially if you are living abroad. However with these tips chances are you will nail your book in no minute and possibly get your read with a lot of easy.


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