What to Look For In Restaurant Management Software

We all know the benefit of restaurant management software to the inner workings of a restaurant. You can track sold item, send orders to the kitchen, create sales report, facilitate clock-ins and outs.

The best restaurant management software gives you a better level of control over operations; increasing profits, boosting efficiency and fine-tuning its business model. However the wrong software can be a waste of time, money and it could also be a source of frustration.

Restaurant Management Software

One of the biggest mistakes made by many restaurant owners is buying software that is not meant for their line of business and this confusion usually arises from the wide range of features that are offered by many systems in the market. For instance, a bakery has completely different needs compared to a liquor store. These two entities can’t use the same software. The intended use and difference in features of restaurant management software can have a big impact on a business.

Here are common features that you should look for in restaurant management software:

Fast checkout

A good system should make the checkout process as simple as possible. It shouldn’t take your sales staff a lot of time to complete a transaction. If your staff has to go through a manual process, then you need to replace the software.

Tracking inventory

The best restaurant management software should make inventory management process simple and effortless. You should be able to track important information about your restaurant from purchases to transactions. This makes it easy to order from vendors and the inventory manager will be saved from the trouble of calculating the reorder level.

Customer information

Good restaurant management software should be able to convert data on the profile of a customer to information. The software will let you know the products that are purchased more frequently, and thus you can make orders accordingly. This information will also help you to build a loyalty program that will boost sales in the long term

Automatic purchasing program

A good system allows you to have a streamlined process connecting you to your suppliers. For instance, if the retail outlet doesn’t have enough stock for a certain product, an automatic purchase program can connect with suppliers and make an order for the quantity required.


Good restaurant management system should also be accessible online. This helps you to stay connected with your restaurant business from any geographical location in the world. This is the best feature for those who want to franchise as well as for businesses that have more than one location

Reporting tools

A good system should also have a user-friendly reporting feature. It should store important details such as product models, annual sales, monthly sales and weekly sales as well as hourly transactions.

The features we have listed above are very important for any restaurant management software as they help to increase efficiency and effectiveness in a restaurant. When looking for this system, you need to make sure that you are choosing one that is scalable.


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