About Us

Since we discovered our passion for sharing our ideas with people who share our interests, we have run this blog with passion and dedication. We are Stefen and Larry, and our interests and passions are as many as you can dare to imagine. This blog was born out of the need to educate our friends on tax-related issues. In time, we have ended up including such varied interests as travel, fashion, health, cosmetic surgery, and running an online business.

For the last 2 years, Stefen and I have shared our experiences and opinions with ever-growing audiences who have shown us great support and appreciation. Feedback from our readers has immensely encouraged us on our path to enlightening ourselves and others on how best to find what we all want in life. Though we usually don’t directly endorse brands, we always do our best to educate on the best products and services available to suit various needs.

If you find our posts valuable or of interest please send us your comments. Even better, share our page with your friends and social networks. If you disagree with our opinions, we don’t mind hearing alternative voices. We are all about sharing ideas and experiences and welcome you to our blog.


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