Things that shouldn’t be Done with Smartwatches

With the latest technology in devices and other gadgets being released today, you might get one as a present for yourself since it’s more convenient to use such devices and one of the best gifts you can get for yourself is a smartwatch. However, if you already one, you should also consider taking care of it since it’s quite an expensive investment which you don’t want to easily get damaged and be thrown in the trash can. Remember, a smartwatch is not just an ordinary device for time keeping, it also has some features which can be useful for you. For instance, smartwatches have apps which you can use and these includes, calculator, temperature monitor and games and you can also use it for your emails and online browsing.

Taking Care of Your Smartwatch

Now remember, there are things you shouldn’t do to avoid damaging your smartwatch. One is not to place the gadget in hot surfaces. Smartwatches are sensitive and are usually made from plastic or metallic materials which can be easily damaged when placed near hot surfaces. Also, if your smartwatch is not water proof, don’t just use is in places where it can be damage with water.

Things that shouldn't be Done with Smartwatches

To avoid degrading or corrupting the internal computer system of the gadget, avoid installing too many apps. It is best to use and install apps which are useful for you and it should also be downloaded at trusted app stores. This way, your device will work longer.

Also, make sure that the gadget is tightly secured on your wrist using the wrist band to avoid it from falling and therefore damaging it. If in case the wristband is damaged you can consider ordering the right wristband to the manufacturer to ensure that it tightly fits into the device.

Replacement and Warranty

Take into account, if in case your smartwatch is already badly damaged, don’t just fix it by yourself or ask help from an untrusted repairman. It is best to look for the warranty certificate and send the smartwatch back to the manufacturer or from where you bought it for parts repair or whole product replacement. This is to avoid you from costly repairs and extra cost from damages done by the wrong repairman.

Be Careful at All Times

Bear in mind, this kind of electronic device can be easily damaged especially if you are reckless in using it. Make sure that you use it with care and after use, place it in a secure area where it would not fall or be damaged in some situations. Also, you need to take care of the battery. If in case the battery has already been discharged use the proper charger kit to avoid accidents that may damage the gadget and you as well.

To protect and make your smartwatch work longer, always clean and avoid using it often especially if you are only using it just to manage your time or in other instances where it could be damaged. To know more about smartwatches, visit this website.


How to Lengthen your Steel Toe Work Boots’ Longevity

Buying steel toe work boots can be costly, like an investment. To make sure that you spent your resources well, you have to take care of your belongings. How do you that with steel toe work boots? It is easier than you seem to think.

Here are 5 ways on how to lengthen your steel toe work boots’ longevity or life span:

  1. Clean your boots

This is a simple but most often neglected kind of caring. You do not expect your boots to suddenly shake themselves off and remove the dust and grime they collected throughout your use. Cleaning them should be done at least once a month to ensure optimal care. Usually, using a damp cloth or soft brush with a little pressure from your strokes is enough to do the job. However, there are some materials that need a little extra something like suede leather that requires a soft nylon brush. Be familiar with the material of your boots and look up on the Internet if there is something more needed to clean them.

How to Lengthen your Steel Toe Work Boots' Longevity

  1. Condition your boots

After letting them dry, apply mink oil, leather conditioner, special leather conditioner or exotic conditioner (for snake skin type of boots).

  1. Polish your boots

Most leather steel toe work boots can be polished by the same cloth you used while applying oil or conditioner. Polish them in circular motions. However, boots made of suede leather cannot be cleaned thoroughly. Instead, use a solvent-based cleaner or very fine grained sandpaper (use in circular motions) whenever a stain appears.

  1. Weatherproof your boots

This does not only extend the life of your boots but will also provide you with comfort and increased boots performance. Different weatherproof or waterproof agents are available – mink oils, beeswax and protective sprays. Note that beeswax oils provides the most reliable protection but can possibly alter the color of your boots. If you want to preserve the color of your boots, protective sprays are the best for you.

To know when to weatherproof your boots again, spray them with small water, when the water doesn’t beads up, you have treat the boots again.

  1. Store them properly

Do you know that you can extend the life of your steel toe work books during your sleep? And it’s not about “sleep cleaning”, if there is such a thing. By storing them in a place that would prevent dust and other contaminants from sticking on your boots, you protect them.        A simple enclosed shoebox is good enough but a shoetree could enhance your boots’ performance, comfort and over-all appearance.

With these, you can save yourself money because you can prevent wearing out your boots. You can even save as much to get yourself a new pair of steel toe work boots!

To read the best work boot reviews visit this link.

African Fashion Styles

Nothing is as fascinating as looking fabulous all the time and mastering the art of fashion in any part of the world. In order to find what exactly to wear in Africa, you should know some African fashion styles. It can be so overwhelming trying to understand the different styles of African fashion though. But everyone knows Africa is a big place with different parts and styles of clothing. Its fashion is booming and it has gained prominence in international fashion shows. Check out the list of African fashion styles:

African Print ClothingAfrican Print Clothing

These are colorful fabrics with a lot of tribal patterns printed on it as well as modern twists and styles. They are commonly used by bridesmaids and are casuals to other formal wears. The great thing with African prints is that they are also used to make different fashion accessories such as, bags, earrings, bangles, shoes among others.


Kente is another popular African fashion style which is commonly known as an icon of African heritage. It originated in West Africa and it is quite expensive cloth which can be worn on special occasions. It can be defined by its multi colored patterns, bold designs, dazzling shapes and bright colors which have specific meanings. Kente cloth can be seen worn by famous people and it is embraced by many people around the world, from presidents to celebrities and others.


Kitenge is another African fashion style printed clothing which can be designed and tailored at will. It is sometimes called Chitenge or Kikoi in East Africa and it is worn by different people in East Africa, Africa and other parts of the world.

Ethiopian Cotton

This is a unique African fashion style that exists in the horn of Africa. It comes with unforgotten culture and often worn by men during festive occasions. It is represented in Eritrea and Ethiopia as out of the horn of Africa. The fashion styles in Eritrea and Ethiopia are almost similar. Their culture has been influenced by western clothing and fashion design. But they still prefer traditional garments.

Mud Cloth

Mud Cloth is another African fashion clothing style that is commonly called an African fabric. It originated in Mali and it was originally used by hunters. There are a lot of Mud cloth designs with different meaning depending on the region and ethnic group or individual. There are several varieties of this fabric and many Africans embrace wearing Mud clothes.Apart from clothes, there are different Mud clothe accessories like hats, scarves, bags, purses, table runners and others. Mud clothes are everyday wears and they are popularly designed as long dresses, trousers, skirts, suits and hat sets and many more.


Batik is one of the most famous and influential garments decorated using wax and dye. It is produced in traditional colors such as brown, black, dark yellow and indigo. There are different traditions making batik in different parts of Indonesia and Malaysia and South Africa with different African colors and motifs. They can be used in special occasions and they are very expensive because the process of waxing is time consuming and complicated.

Unisex Clothing

There are several options of unisex garments which are worn by men and women. Many people embrace the Dashiki Unisex clothing and Unisex Pantsuit. The Dashiki is a comfortable and stylish cloth which offers the best traditional design in Africa and there are many people in Africa wearing them. There are many colors and designs of Pantsuit garments that range from simple to more elaborate designs. Their materials are durable and they hold the color well for easy washing.

African fashion styles originated with animal hides and fur. They are still part of the African’s attire and cultural background. They have also evolved into internationally accepted and sought after designs.There are different regions in the continent of Africa with numerous fashion styles as well asdifferent cultural experiences.

Lastly, there are latest fabricswhich can appeal to almost every test and give you a sense of belonging during your special occasions. For instance, you can consider AsoEbi attire at your wedding day or any social event to portray unity and the side of your family members. You can also purchase one if you can afford because they are a little expensive than normal garments. But you can be inspired by their experience since they are the latest outfits you can get in the market. There is another great idea of African culture and fashion at various platforms online where you canupload pictures of traditional weddings and holy festivals. You canexperience various cultures in new ways.

Top 5 Hairstyles for Women

A woman’s hairstyle can make or break her look. It can let her stand out, or it can let her fade into the darkness. If you’re considering of revamping your look, then let these top five hairstyles for women serve as your ‘mane’ inspirations.

The Bob

If you’re tired of maintaining long hair, or if you want the perfect haircut for the summer, then the Bob is the style you ought to channel. It can be done in a number of ways – choppy, wavy or sleek – it’s up to you. To keep your Bob looking great every time you go out of the house, then you need to make use of best hair care products such as thickening sprays, as it can add more movement to your mane.

the bob hair cut

The Pixie

This hairstyle, which was donned by Emma Watson and Katie Holmes, is a gutsy trend for women who are ready to take a plunge. To make your pixie hair look more chic, you can ask your hairstylist to add some flair with long, asymmetrical bangs. Pomade is just one of the best hair care products that can improve the texture of this hairstyle.

pixie hari cuts

The Shaggy ‘Do

Shaggy hair, which was made famous by Jane Fonda and Pat Benatar, is another great hairstyle to consider for women with loose, wavy locks or straight mane. If you want to frame your face, you can ask your hairstylist to add angled bangs to your shaggy tresses. You also need to use best hair care products such as smoothing serum to make your crown shine above the rest.

Shaggy hairstyle

The Long Hair with Bangs

Long hair can be boring, but you can make it better with bangs. A look often seen in kinds, long hair with bangs can make a mature woman like you look more youthful. If you want to add more depth to your look, you can ask your hairstylist to add highlights to your bangs. Don’t forget to purchase hair care products such as a straightening serum, argan oil, hair vitamins, and enriching shampoo.

Long Hair with Bangs

The Long Layered Look

Jennifer Aniston and Racquel Welch are just some of the many celebrities who enjoy the beautifying benefits of long, layered locks. Despite its classical look, you can modernize the style with chunky layers. You can also ask for subtle highlights in order to add shine and dimension to your tresses. Despite the fact that this hairstyle is versatile and requires little maintenance, you need to invest for best hair care products as well. Fine-mist hairspray is a must-have for every woman who chooses this sophisticated haircut.

Long Layered Look

If you want to get out of your hair rut and revitalize your look right away, then make sure to consider these top five hairstyles that complement the facial features of most women.

Best Chicago Hair Salons

In this article, I have reviewed some of the salons that a lot of people have recommended.

Mario Tricoci is a Chicago hair salon located at 1512N, Naper Boulevard in Naperville. The staff here is amazing and ready to work with any client. It is a large salon and has a variety of attendants that are specialized in hair coloring. You get a good hair cut and receive value for your money. Other services that do not involve the hair such as manicures, facials and pedicures are available.

Pascal pour Elle is another must try Chicago hair salon.  It is located at 1992 Tower Dr, Glenview, Illinois. It is a great place for girls who are on a tight budget and still want good looking hair with highlights.

Salon envy is the place to get the latest techniques of hair coloring. Their trending services will leave you looking great and have your friends wanting to know where you got your highlights. It is located at 2658 N Halsted Chicago, Illinois. Services offered include great lengths extensions, haircuts, thermal straightening, texturing, special event styling, facials, make-up and waxing. It has a convenient location with ample parking space.

Paul Redher salon in situated in the heart of the amazing gold coast (to get direction click here). It has a wide range of stylists who are talented in their work.  The staff is very friendly and works with you to ensure that you get what you need.

The Michael Anthony salon is another great salon situated in Chicago. It is located at 1637 W Belmont Avenue. There are various locations around the city so you do not have to worry about not being served. They are experts in hair color and can suit most budgets. The services offered are definitely worth the price you are asked to pay.

Salon blonde deals with blondes and coloring their hair. They are located at 1643 W North Ave, Chicago Illinois. They offer great services from Brazilian blow outs to cuts and blow-dries. You also get to relax with a cup of hot chocolate or even a glass of wine. The atmosphere is so ambient and you leave the place pleased with the way your hair looks.

Michael and Michael for hair is another Chicago hair salon that you need to visit. Services offered include thermal reconditioning, hair extensions, color, cuts and straightening. It is located at 365 W Chicago Avenue. It has ample space and offers great services.

The above are just a few of the best salons in Chicago with great staff who are very professional in their work. Hair is a very valuable asset to an individual and can change your looks. Your hair speaks volumes and will boost your confidence and self esteem. It is therefore important to find a good hair stylist who will work with you to ensure that your hair remains healthy. These people offer professional advice as to which hair products to use and what procedures to undertake as part of your daily hair care.

Change Your Lifestyle with a Little Snip

If you’re stressed with work or just having a bad hair day, getting a haircut in hair salons in Atlanta or in your local area would really fix the stress. Pamper your hair with scented shampoo and style it out to give yourself a nice hairdo to get your day extra special. Reward yourself for battling day to day problems with work and home and be beautiful to be party ready for a long night of partying. More than just a haircut, salons also offer spa and massage services to give a relaxing getaway without going out into the country.

Want to enhance yourself with a few snips away? For people with short stature, getting a short hair cut can work wonders and make you taller. For those who want to take years away from their appearance, getting a haircut with bangs would do the trick. But be easy on the bangs, especially if you have cowlicks. Cowlicks are a part of the newly grown hair that is growing in an opposite direction from the rest of your hair. Cowlicks normally destroy the appearance of bangs. If you want to look slimmer, a bob haircut would be just the thing for your hair. Changing hair color is also a good idea to get a new look. But be careful when choosing colors. There are hair colors that can really make you look sick and old. Choose colors that match your skin tone and look lively and healthy. Choose hairstyles that are also easy to manage so that it won’t take too much time to prep them off to work. Take a look of your environment and match your hair with it. For example, a corporate do for a corporate environment, or a sexy do for a party. Unleash your inner personality with your hair. Because you are with your hair and it is one’s crowning glory. Your hair is the first thing that people notice so give it a special treatment it deserves.

Why is getting a hair cut so good for you? That is because it simply adds energy, self-esteem, and extra boost of confidence.  You also get the feeling of a new you coming out after getting a new hair cut. Getting a hair cut makes you nice and clean since it takes off extra hairs that cover your beautiful facial features. Add also the compliments from people around you appreciating the new look. Getting a new look attracts positive vibes. So when you catch those vibes don’t let them go! Having them is best time to be even more comfortable with your own skin and be more creative. Plan a new project, propose a business proposal or simply ask for a higher salary. Imagine how a pair of scissors and a style here and there will make your whole day!

If you want to feel good instantly, attract good vibes and change into a stunning new you, count on with the best hair salons in Atlanta to give yourself an everyday good hair day!

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